Evening Oak · Art Select


For a rich, dark oak effect with chocolate undertones take a look at Oak Premier’s Evening Oak. If Sundown Oak has limewash highlights, then Evening Oak brings you the warmth and depth of smoked oak lowlights through its subtle, intricate grain pattern. This, coupled with the sensory, tactile surface quality makes for a really luxurious base canvas for your room design.


Art Select – Oak Premier

If you’re looking for a really comfortable, classic look our Oak Premier collection takes you from the beautiful, golden tones of our ‘Dawn Oak’ through to the statement, pitch black hues of ‘Midnight Oak’. A shared space for living, cooking and eating has become the heart of the modern home. Look to achieve a consistent flow in your home by pairing our full sized planks with their matching parquet designs in open plan living spaces and adjoining ‘room to room’ layouts.