Squash · Artificial Grass

Tufted in 6mm (just like Edge) but with a marine backing, Squash is a multi-functional product recommended for its temporary use in events or where a low cost price is decisive. Use it as a provisional green area anywhere needed.

Material 100% PP
Pile weight (g/m²) 340
Total weight (g/m²) 780
Backing – Marine
Pile height (mm) 6
Total height (mm) 7


Enhance your space

Our product range is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, for either temporary or long-lasting applications. Our Artificial Grass is suitable for any space: from extra small to extra large. Think of a freshly laid area of grass for your patio, terrace, garden, playground, event …

Low maintenance

Reclaim your precious free time for things that really matter. Our Artificial Grass requires practically no maintenance. An occasional sweep to remove natural debris is enough to keep your lawn clean.